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The General Chemical State Laboratory (G.C.S.L.) is a service within the Independent Authority for Public Revenue. It is a Directorate General whose mission comprises :

  • Provision of scientific and technical support to the Customs, Tax and Revenue authorities and other services of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue.
  • Support of the State’s financial interests.
  • Protection of public health and the environment.
  • Protection of health and interests of consumers.
  • Provision of scientific support to judicial, police and other state authorities.
  • Support of the proper function of the market.

The General Chemical State Laboratory was established in 1929 by Law 4328, by virtue of which all laboratories operating in the public sector at that time were united. This move led to the creation of a powerful scientific - laboratory unit which soon managed to evolve and become the most important product-quality control system in our country. Presidential Decree 111/2014 (Official Journal A' 178/29-8-2014) states all the responsibilities of the GCSL, as currently established. Throughout its operation, the General Chemical State Laboratory developed and expanded almost all over Greece.
GCSL services operate in all of the country’s regions.


In order to fulfill its mission the General Chemical State Laboratory acts at many levels:

  • Proposes legislative measures, such as the establishment of requirements regarding the quality of products
  • Participates in EU institutions and expert groups, in several fields regarding its activities 
  • Conducts samplings and laboratory tests on various products in order to check compliance with both national and EU legislation
  • Proceeds to investigations and seeks solutions to chemical issues which may arise
  • Inspects production units as well as sites where products are stored, packaged or distributed 
  • Carries out sampling on its own or in collaboration with other authorities
  • Grants approval for the operation of certain factories
  • Offers scientific support to customs and inland revenue authorities so as to ensure the interests of the state
  • Provides scientific support to judicial, police and other state authorities for the solution of scientific problems arising from the enforcement of law
  • Targets the development and world wide promotion of national products 
  • Organizes communication programs concerning the legislation which is in force within its scope of competence

The G.C.S.L’s laboratories carry out tests on the following products:

Food Products Plastics Fuels
Drinks (alcoholic or not) Detergents Lubricants
Potable water Paper Pigments
Surface water Leather Environmental pollution
Wastewater Metals and alloys Drugs
Chemical substances Fertilizers - Textiles Industrial raw materials

GCSL laboratories are equipped with analytical instruments of the latest technology which, in combination with the scientific knowledge and experience of the staff, facilitates the performance of laboratory tests of greater scope while at the same time contributes to the solution of complicated scientific and technical issues arising in exceptional circumstances.

Thus, the GCSL collaborates with other bodies of the public sector, such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism etc. The GCSL also collaborates with educational and research institutes, both in Greece and abroad, as well as with foreign bodies of laboratory control with analogous scope of activities. In addition, the GCSL collaborates with scientific associations and international organisations actively participating in the promotion of scientific research.


The Central Service of the G.C.S.L. consists of 3 Directorates and 1 Independent section:

1.  Directorate of Planning and Laboratory Support

2.  Directorate of Alcohol and Foods

3.  Directorate of Energy, Industrial and Chemical Products

4.  Ιndependent section of Chemical and Technical Tariffication


The GCSL has 13 regional services at prefectorial level (Chemical Departments) which are distributed to all the prefectures of the country.
In addition, within the framework of the GCSL, two collective bodies operate:
- The Supreme Chemical Council (SCC) which carries out legislative work, mainly regarding issues of specifications and rules of product distribution.
- The Board of Directors of the Special Fund of Quality Control and Production of Alcohol and Spirit Drinks, (ETEΠΠΑΑ), which manages the operational expenses of the GCSL.

The structure of the GCSL is presented in the links below, where details regarding the regional services of the GCSL are also given.

The Directorate General of the GCSL is responsible for the co-ordination and proper function of all the departments and regional services constituting the GCSL. In particular, the Director General is responsible for :

  • Planning the GCSL activities
  • Implementing the policies specified within the GCSL
  • Providing general instructions and guidelines to the GCSL services
  • Supervising and assessing the work performed.

The Head of the Directorate of Planning and Laboratory Support reports to the Directorate General and is responsible for the overall monitoring and implementation of the quality system of the GCSL, within the framework of responsibilities defined in Presidential Decree 111/2014 (Official Journal A' 178/29-8-2014).

Quality Policy Statement

GCSL Organisational Chart